Top 10 hints to crack NEET Exam in one shot

NEET is formerly an entrance exam for admission of MBBS courses conducted all over India. In the competitive world, NEET has become a challenge for the aspirants to gain good scores and secure a seat in the government medical college. Also, there is pressure for the first-timers to handle their board exams including NEET.

How many student’s clear NEET in their first attempt? Any guesses?

The answer is simple, there is no fixed ratio to determine the count of students who crack the exam in their first attempt. But around 60-70% of the aspirants crack the exam so easily. The reason for the success is concentrating on studies with a dedicated and disciplined approach by taking the classes regularly by utilizing the time for preparation to the maximum without skipping classes.

Study the Top 10 hints to crack the NEET exam in your first attempt.

Follow our Top 10 hints to crack NEET Exam in one shot,

1.Prepare a study planner

The greatest advantage of preparing the study planner is you can plan and prepare the subjects for study with an excellent system of tracking so that you don’t get any option to miss the topics for preparing till the last minute.

2.Don’t skip certain topics or chapters that you think are of less importance

We can’t analyse the type of questions asked in the NEET exam. It is advisable to avoid skipping the topics that you find it difficult or are of less importance. Instead, you can go through the tough topics in small portions on a daily basis which can motivate you to have a consistent study by covering all the chapters without sitting for hours to complete it at one go.

3.Practice from standard study materials

Read NCERT textbooks because the book comprises of solved examples, exercises with some preparation tips and summary on each topic which can be helpful for NEET. Apart from NCERT, refer the coaching materials and reference books by seeking guidance from your tutors.

4.Make revision notes to revise daily

Revision of the study concepts on each subject can do wonders for your NEET exam. It can be very effective if you prepare revision notes by making diagrams, flow charts, tables, posters, post-its, etc. with sticky notes to have a glance often to increase your confidence and reduce anxiety.

5. Enhance your chance of cracking the NEET exam by joining coaching centres

Basically, joining a coaching centre gives you an idea to prepare precisely in adopting the quality teaching methods and tips given by the tutors which can also offer a great exposure in attending the mock tests because it is designed in NEET exam pattern.

6.Maintain a proper attendance and complete the assignments on time 

Attend the classes regularly with a disciplined approach by completing the assignments on time so that you can be focus on your study planner without any complications.

7. Clarify your doubts with your tutor

Never hesitate to clarify your doubts with your tutor because if you don’t clarify the doubts initially then it will be difficult for you to grasp the entire concept. It can help you understand the topics clearly and reduce your stress level or frustration.

8.Practice mock test series to improve your performance

You should give more mock tests rather than attending regular tests conducted in coaching centres because online mock tests can make you analyse your performance and comparison with the previous tests can also help you rectify your mistakes to boost your scores in the upcoming tests.

9. Focus on time management 

It is very crucial for a student to balance time for studies and other stuffs. It is better to utilize time in the best possible way by not taking too long hours for study or take frequent breaks leading to incompletion of tasks.

10.Stay with positive approach and firm determination to achieve your goal

Believe in yourself first that you can do it, you only can do it. Throw away the negative thoughts. Stay strong and positive by motivating yourself with firm determination so that you can crack the NEET exam by expelling in flying colours.

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